Feb 12, 2021
Overlay, Background, Masks, and More

We added Overlay, Background, and Mask as available modifiers. You'll see them appear inline with any other design elements you've added and can easily drag elements in and out. These modifiers are often the easiest path to take when making a layered design, like one with platters, cards, pop-ups, and so on.

Fixes and improvements

  • Added quick, helpful shortcuts for the Opacity modifier in commonly used increments like 0, 25%, 50%, etc
  • Updated SF Symbols to match the latest in the macOS app (Support for multi-color is coming soon)
  • Added context menu options to share or download images from your recents
  • Added context menu options to share DetailsPro files anywhere you see them
  • Improved the first-time experience for creating a community profile with better placeholders (Hello, Johnny Appleseed)
Feb 7, 2021

We added gradients as design elements you can add to your designs. You'll find Linear, Radial, and Angular as options and a friendly interface for adding and editing colors and controlling the parameters of each type. Where changing gradients in Xcode can be cumbersome due to different signatures, we wanted to make this simpler with DetailsPro. Simply tap to change the type and the options (and SwiftUI code export) will automatically update. We also support the default iOS 14 Color Picker so colors you've saved across apps are accessible here.

Feb 5, 2021
Choose from Unsplash

We added an Unsplash integration into our image picker. Now, alongside Choose from Photos and Choose from Files, you can select Choose from Unsplash to search Unsplash by term or by curated collection. This should make it a lot easier to mock something up when you don't already have the perfect images.

Fixes and improvements

  • Convert to Stack now keeps any modifiers that were on the original stack
  • Rotation Effect allows easy increment by 15° or 45°
  • iPhone: Made color editing more compact
Feb 2, 2021
Compact Designing Improvements

We made continued improvements to the editing UI that appears on iPhone. The drawer now opens up faster, and picking a new design element to add happens in an additional compact drawer that floats above everything else.

We are hearing a lot that many of you are primarily designing from your iPhones while on-the-go and that has us very excited. Our goal has been, from the beginning, to make designing beautiful interfaces accessible to as many people as possible. So we are going to be making sure as time goes on that every important upgrade to DetailsPro has a first-class implementation on the compact size as well as the larger sizes of iPad and the Mac.

Feb 1, 2021
App-Wide Performance Improvements

We found a number of areas where we could make loading, interaction, and animation smoother than before. DetailsPro is a 100% native app written in SwiftUI, optimized for the M1 chip and the latest iPhones and iPads on iOS 14. With this update, we greatly reduced DetailsPro's memory usage and CPU usage so you should feel the app is snappier and faster than before.

Feb 1, 2021
Starting a Changelog

We've taken inspiration from one of our favorite apps that helps us build DetailsPro, Linear, and started this changelog to keep you up-to-date on the latest improvements we make week-to-week.

We are working on DetailsPro all the time to make it easier for you to design your greatest ideas in less time than ever.