All the Keyboard Shortcuts in DetailsPro

Learn all the keyboard shortcuts you can use to design faster in DetailsPro.

By Sahand NayebazizApr 27, 2022

We’ve begun work revamping the entire DetailsPro app to make it work from beginning to end with just your keyboard. In this post, we’ll be updating the list every time new keyboard shortcuts have been added, so this is a great one to bookmark!


  • Enter a number — 0-9
  • Delete — delete
  • Clear the numpad — c
  • Enter a decimal point — .
  • Return from the numpad — return
  • Decrease by the nudge amount — -
  • Decrease by the larger nudge amount — ⇧ Shift -
  • Increase by the nudge amount — =
  • Increase by the larger nudge amount — ⇧ Shift =

Design View

  • Coming soon…


  • Coming soon…

Keyboard Support

DetailsPro’s keyboard shortcuts work on iPhone, iPad, and Mac with any Bluetooth keyboard connected, including the iPad Smart Keyboard and Magic Keyboard.

Stay tuned for more!

We’ll be updating this post with all keyboard shortcuts in the app. Stay tuned for more!