News · Nov 2, 2020

Introducing Size Templates

Size Templates make it easy to design in SwiftUI for Apple devices.

The spaces we design for influence what we create.

When Apple introduced the Apple Watch in 2014, they led with a remarkable set of videos titled Rise, Up, and Us. Each showed the watch in unique scenarios. Rise can be watched here while it’s still available.

These videos introduced a new product and a new space for interaction to consumers—the Apple Watch display.

Incredible work had been done by Apple Design to make it to this point. Imaginative, creative, and ground-breaking is how I would describe the cumulative effort that led to the beautiful interfaces shown on the watch. And so, with the public release, the baton would be passed to new designers to create new experiences.

This is where it’s vital that our tools meet the moment. The easier it would be for designers to design for the Apple Watch, the better and greater quantity of designs they would make. That’s what I believe, anyway.

DetailsPro makes this process easy today and will continue to going forward with our new feature out today: Size Templates. Size Templates help designers quickly and easily target the precisely correct size for the devices they design for.

This update contains widget sizes (Small, Medium, and Large widgets), iPhone sizes, and iPad sizes. Apple Watch sizes and Mac sizes will be coming in a future update.

Designers can choose from built-in size templates for iPhones and other Apple devices.

DetailsPro takes care of knowing the exact point dimensions of each device and will even change the corner radius of the canvas to match that of the device. If a designer is working on something for iPhone 12, they will see not only the correct size but also the correct device corner radius. All they have to do is tap iPhone 12 and select between Portrait and Landscape. It’s that easy.

We also extend beyond device templates into other operating system-specific templates that we will continue to expand as these products evolve. Today, DetailsPro already includes support for the new widgets that debuted with iOS 14.

Size Templates include other relevant sizes, including those of iOS 14 widgets.

DetailsPro is a focused design product built exclusively for Apple platforms. We can focus deeply on what it means to design for these platforms. We can build features that designers would never see anywhere else because nowhere else has this focus.

We’ll be keeping these templates up-to-date with the latest devices always because this is what DetailsPro is all about—helping Apple platform designers do their work.