Sahand Nayebaziz on Jun 7, 2021

Apple’s WWDC ‘21 presentation provided something for everyone, from screen sharing in FaceTime with SharePlay to improved multitasking on iPadOS 15 with new affordances. Here are the designs that excited us most in no particular order…

1. Photo Collections in Messages
This design feels vibrant and pop-out-3D in the best way. You’ve got to see the nice swiping interaction that can be used to flick through these images when they tuck together into a stack.

2. Memory Mixes
An ingenious layout makes it possible to slide through different filters and playlists while look at the same image full-bleed.

3. Bottom-Weighted UI in Safari
We have been dreaming of interfaces like this for years, and to finally see it live on iOS is a great moment. In Safari, this new bottom bar floats beautifully and provides much easier thumb access. Let us love our big phones, and let our big phones have more of their controls on the bottom.

4. Quick Note
Another light and feathery interface that features a compact toolbar, extremely high levels of interactivity, and beautiful Apple clarity.

A new affordance appears at the top of every window, inviting users to discover iPadOS multitasking.
We love the animation of your first window sliding over to reveal the rest of the iPad home screen, ready for any app to launch.

5. New iPadOS Multitasking Affordances
This year’s update is simply a brilliant update for making iPadOS features discoverable and easier to use. Now, windows all have a “…” at the top that can be tapped to expand out the different multitasking window settings. We think this will make it a lot easier for more folks to use these once-hidden-behind-a-gesture features.

6. Notification Summary
A beautiful, newspaper-inspired summary block makes information easy to scan at a glance and jump into for more detail.

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