Sahand Nayebaziz on Dec 23, 2021

The whole world of iPad app development has changed forever with the release of Swift Playgrounds 4 and we couldn’t be more excited. Read along as we share why and announce DetailsPro’s new, built-in support for exporting designs as Swift Playgrounds 4 apps.

If you haven’t tried Swift Playgrounds 4 yet, you’re not going to believe how fast and smooth it runs when you do. This app feels incredibly quick. You can create real, complete SwiftUI apps with just an iPad. We’re especially excited because DetailsPro makes a great design companion to Swift Playgrounds 4.

A Swift Playgrounds 4 app that was created and exported from a single DetailsPro design.

Before Swift Playgrounds 4 and the new DetailsPro update, starting a new project took a lot of time. You had to open Xcode, go through the dialogs, make sure to set it up right, and then you could come back to DetailsPro to export your designs. Well, not anymore. You no longer have to leave DetailsPro, worry about setting things up correctly with Xcode, or give up working from your iPad.

Our new update (3.19.0) lets you export a brand new, ready-to-go Swift Playgrounds app using any of your designs as a starting point. Instantly and easily, you’ll be up and running with your design including all of its views, modifiers, images, symbols, and more.

A design opened for editing in DetailsPro.

To export a Swift Playgrounds app from one of your designs, simply tap the “…” in the corner, select Export as Swift Playgrounds App, and then tap on the Playgrounds app icon to open the exported app. That’s it! Easy, fast, and reliable.

A new Export as Swift Playgrounds App feature makes it easy to create real SwiftUI apps with your designs as their starting points.

To get started with these new features, upgrade your iPad to iOS 15.2 and update to the latest versions of Swift Playgrounds and DetailsPro!

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