News · Jun 30, 2024

DetailsPro Is Coming to visionOS

With thoughtful features like a transparent mode for floating designs and the ability to design with visionOS glass, DetailsPro is making a special debut in spatial.

I’m excited to share the news today that DetailsPro is going to be making its way to visionOS!

With an upcoming update, the tailor-made tool designers love on iPhone, iPad, and Mac is going to debut with features made specifically for visionOS and the Apple Vision Pro.

DetailsPro on visionOS exploring a design with a window, visionOS tabs on the left, and a grid of images.

If you read any of my posts around WWDC23 when Apple announced the Apple Vision Pro, you know how much I love the design and am impressed by just how well designs translate to this new design language.

This new update includes, of course, a UI refresh across the DetailsPro app that makes it right at home on visionOS, comfortable to use with eye tracking and hand control, and easy to use.

If all we did was re-skin DetailsPro for visionOS, that might have been fine, but that would have left so much more on the table. Our new update goes much further and introduces a new set of features that are the keys to making visionOS design easy, fun, and accessible for designers on this new platform. We’ll be detailing more in an official launch blog post, but just to give you a taste, you can look forward to features including an updating set of materials throughout your designs (so all your old designs translate correctly to visionOS right away), the ability to turn canvas glass on and off to design with a transparent window for full visionOS live previewing, and the ability to add a new Glass Background modifier quickly and easily throughout.

Needless to say, this is an exciting time for DetailsPro! I’m so excited to be furthering the DetailsPro experience and exploring this new platform.

The new update will of course debut with new SwiftUI templates for visionOS that you can use right away to kickstart your ideas.

DetailsPro for visionOS is also included in the same universal purchase that gets you DetailsPro for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. So if you’ve already purchased, you’ve already got the new version for visionOS! And if you haven’t purchased yet, you can still use this app free forever with up to five files.

Stay tuned for more info!