Subscription Options

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This design has been updated for Repeating Elements, with each subscription tier representing a single repeated item. Notice how only the second item shows the “best value” label… this was done by removing this label for the other two items in the inspector!

We wanted to do something special and beautiful so we’ve got a design that many designers eventually have to make: a purchases and subscriptions screen. Sprouted Kitchen is a cooking and recipes club that helps simplify the whole process from groceries to prep to cooking. They’ve cultivated a beautiful, simple aesthetic that we wanted to maintain here.

We made a simple vertical scroll that has a familiar layout of a single box for each plan options. We sprinkled in some monospace to match their brand and did the text over the image to match their aesthetic. Custom colors also helped us use their real color palette.

Check this file out!

And check out Sprouted Kitchen at @sproutedkitchen or sproutedkitchen.cc