Part 5 — Hello, Layered Stacks!

This SwiftUI template can be downloaded and opened in DetailsPro on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
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Now that you’re past Part 4, you’re ready to see the third and final kind of stack: the Layered Stack. This one is super cool, it lets you put things literally over other things.

We took the plus sign from Part 4 and moved it into a Layered Stack with the flower image, so now you see it actually on top of that image. And if you’re wondering how it got to the lower left corner, there’s a setting for that! It’s on Layered Stack, you can customize how a particular stack places elements inside.

Sooooo many designs use Layered Stack, one day you’ll be letting Layered Stacks fly like it’s nothing. No better time than to start now with this simple example.