Sports Live Activity

This SwiftUI template can be downloaded and opened in DetailsPro on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
Open in DetailsPro

Sports, beautiful design, and live updates have hit the Lock Screen with Live Activities in iOS 16. This DetailsPro file is a recreation of a Live Activity that is featured on the iOS 16 Preview page on apple.com. These designs look super clean, almost like futuristic widgets.

This design uses a balance of HStacks and VStacks with some tricks to help the centering happen—each of the Team VStacks (like the Timberwolves logo on the left and the Grizzlies logo on the right) are in stacks that have specific widths set on them with a Frame modifier so that they are perfectly even, even though their team names are different lengths!

Backgrounds are made with Apple HIG semantic colors so, with the benefits of SwiftUI, you can automatically get the right colors in your design when previewing in Dark Mode. All around, we are super excited for Live Activities and to dive more into the new designs presented in iOS 16. Enjoy exploring this design, picking it apart, and turning it into something that’s your own!