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Jul 4, 2024
visionOS Design Studio

DetailsPro now supports the Apple Vision Pro and designing for visionOS with an updated interface, new features, and new templates all at no extra cost. DetailsPro for visionOS is already included in your universal purchase.

We are so excited to debut this special release and continue to provide the tailor-made design environment for Apple designers so designs can be created directly in SwiftUI.

New Features

  • Existing SwiftUI designs appear on DetailsPro for visionOS through iCloud sync and are automatically compatible.
  • See-Through Previews are a new way to design in DetailsPro. You can turn off the canvas glass and see your design floating in the environment as you design it. Your design is rendered with real visionOS glass backgrounds, blurring what is in your environment.
  • New design templates (with more to come) include a visionOS window with ornament tabs and a visionOS music player window.
  • The Glass Background modifier allows you to quickly switch between different mask shapes and corner radii. Pair this modifier with the Overlay modifier to create beautiful layered designs where each surface has its own visionOS glass background.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Design thumbnails on all platforms now render with better preview sizing so you see more of your design in each thumbnail.
  • Loading performance on very complex files, like those with over 150 SwiftUI elements or over 100 images, has been greatly improved.