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Dec 15, 2022
Text and Sharing Improvements

We made it easier to enter text when designing on iPhones with a new, compact text field that appears automatically. You can dismiss the keyboard quickly by tapping done or by swiping down on the text field.

We also made our sharing menus simpler, cleaner, and easier to use on all platforms. We’d received many requests for a Save to Files action, which has now been added, and also created new items in the sharing menu specifically for quickly sharing SwiftUI code. We also consolidated the sharing actions for Swift Playgrounds and Swift Playgrounds Apps into one.

New templates

  • Pricing and Pricing Tiers—use these templates as starting points for pricing pages, paywalls, and subscription pages.

Fixes and improvements

  • The Templates picker now shows a “Most Popular” list
  • Improved animation of design changes on iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS 13
  • Improved designing on iPhone with faster and more ergonomic animations of inspectors and buttons
  • Added the Blend Mode modifier for beautiful vibrancy effects
  • Swiping to delete modifiers if now more reliable
  • Fixed a bug that was sometimes causing the Numpad to update slowly
  • Lowered app size of our macOS app on macOS 13
  • Fixed a bug that was causing ⌘D to sometimes not work for duplicating an element
  • Fixed a bug that was causing “Preview in AR” to sometimes not start on iPhone