January 12, 2021
Intro to SwiftUI for Beginners

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We’ve got a new video up now on YouTube to introduce you to SwiftUI, friendly and geared towards designers who are checking out SwiftUI for the first time!

For me (Sahand, the designer behind DetailsPro and the one leading you through these topics in the video), making this was actually super fun. About a year ago, I was working at Apple Inc. on a design prototyping team and would regularly give lunchtime, open-to-anyone SwiftUI demos for the designers in my area.

You may be wondering how SwiftUI actually works or how it could possibly help you in your actual, day-to-day goals as a designer and as a working professional. If you’ve got the time, this video should help answer that. You’ll see from start to finish how a design is put together in SwiftUI using DetailsPro. Super simple stuff like how to add text, how to style that text, how to do layout, etc. Once you understand horizontal stacks and vertical stacks, there’s truly no going back. 

Any other videos you’d like to see? Let us know!