January 21, 2021
How I Got Here
A photograph I took while I was at the University of California, Irvine, studying human-computer interaction and software engineering.

If I may start a blog post with a reference to Steve Jobs… I’ll say that I remember reading a quote attributed to him, something like “The smartest people connect things.”

That stuck with me. I’d always thought that I couldn’t be a good surfer, because good surfers don’t study computer science. Or I couldn’t be a good photographer, because good photographers don’t surf.

That Steve Jobs quote helped give me a backbone for accepting that I’m somebody who does different things and the connection of those things is what makes my work special. So… How did we get here to DetailsPro?

You can sum it up by saying that I’ve always been in it for design. I learned how to make websites (and then iOS apps) to learn how to make beautiful and functional interfaces like Apple’s.

You may be just like me if your favorite part of an Apple keynote is the design of the keynote slides—or if your favorite part of an iOS update is noticing where font sizes and font weights have been changed from the previous year.

As much as I enjoy programming and writing code, I enjoy the design decisions way more. Starting in 2018, I worked at Apple as a senior software engineer and was really enjoying writing apps with Swift. But even then I was the happiest when UI designers I worked with were presenting their latest work and I was getting a glimpse at their design vision that we would soon be building.

So DetailsPro is an attempt to bridge this deep love of Apple UI and my programming skills to make an app that is truly all about design. My end goal is to make SwiftUI accessible to as many designers as possible so that they may create beautiful interfaces that push Apple UI forward.

Apple UI design can be broken down into small relationships between text, numbers, images, spacing, layout, color, etc. There are of course many apps out there that help designers design today (Sketch vs Figma vs Adobe XD). DetailsPro is an app that I believe truly could be simply the best way to be harnessing the power of these relationships, creating layouts, and creating designs.

Apple released an incredible user interface framework for developers in SwiftUI. With DetailsPro, I’m aiming to make the lives of designers easier too by building on top of the same framework and bringing it to a point where anyone can use it without much intro at all.

I feel like I’ve been working on two separate tracks for years, in design and in programming, and in DetailsPro I’ve luckily stumbled upon this app that’s putting me to work every day on a single track: a new kind of design tool.

DetailsPro will always be a tool for designers that works hard to not require coding chops or even a speck of programming experience.

The idea is that user interfaces are beautiful and intuitive in the Apple world, so why can’t they be made with an app that is the same? DetailsPro aims to create the ideal environment for you to create new interfaces, explore existing ones, and to be able to bring your vision to life quickly, intelligently, and in a way that’s self-validating because it’s technically already in SwiftUI.

I have been loving working with SwiftUI as a developer and, when inspiration strikes, want the fastest way to mock up a design in the real thing. Somewhere along the way, it became clear that this can also be an easy way for designers to do their real design work.

So thank you for reading this and for trying the app out. More than anything, I’m curious to hear your thoughts and any of your feedback.

You can send feedback any time by email.